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Yakitori/Kushiyaki (Grilled chicken skewers and mixed grills)
 Izakaya (Casual Japanese style bars)
Yakiniku (Grilled beef and others)
Soba/Sushi (Japanese buckwheat noodles / Sushi)
Casual Japanese food diners / Coffee shops
Ramen Noodles
Fast Food
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How to go to Omoide-Yokocho

Closest stations

  • Japan Railways, Shinjuku station
  • Odakyu line, Shinjuku station
  • Keio line, Shinjuku station
  • Seibu Shinjuku line, Seibu-Shinjuku station
  • Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line, Shinjuku station
  • Metropolitan Oedo line, Shinjuku West gate station

Access from Shinjuku station East exit(one minute walk)

Step out of JR Shinjuku station's east exit and walk along the left side. Before you reach the road, you will see a pedestrian underpass on your left. Follow this underpass, and within seconds walking straight, you will find the green neon signs above the alleys.

Access from Shinjuku station West exit(one minute walk)

With Keio department on your left hand side and Odakyu department on your back, walk along the right side. In a minute, you will see a UNIQLO building on the corner. Go around the corner, and you will find the green neon signs as the entrance of the alley.